Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You know you need to update your blog when:

  • Your last post was more than a year and a half ago.  
  • Your kids don't look like the pictures posted anymore.
  • So much life has happened that it would take two pages to bring everyone up-to-date.
  • Your background picture has disappeared!
  • Your life plans may not even be the same.
I'll give you the short version of life today, which those of you who follow me on Facebook probably already know.

Mark and I have branched out in our pursuit of missions.  We haven't abandoned the idea of Agape Flights and Haiti.  However, they have not been in contact with us lately, so we don't even know if they are still interested.  A friend of a friend (actually OUR friend now!) connected us with a school in Nigeria that could use our skills.  One of the missions organizations that supplies their staff is SIM.  We have applied with SIM and are trying to complete the paperwork for their evaluation.  If they choose to continue with us, they will consider us for positions that they think best fit our skills and gifts.  

Mark is still working for M&A Technology.  His job description varies daily, from paperwork to supervising an installation team to driving a truck to repairing or installing computers or printers.  

I have been unemployed since June, when my school decided they no longer needed my services.  I have been blessed to receive unemployment benefits, but I'd like a real job!  Mind you, I'm really enjoying the life of leisure, as is my family, but my unemployment isn't as much as my previous pay was, and I'd actually like to get a job that pays more so that we can advance our debt retirement, a crucial step in moving into missions.  I just got an offer for a temporary position at Cartus, a relocation company.  I'll be a Client Services Consultant.  It will be full time through at least April 22, and it will put my unemployment on hold (if I need it later).

Julie and Josh are living in Maryland, where Josh works for the government.  Julie is currently a barista/shift manager at Starbucks.  They have a puppy, Isabel.

John is in his last 2 weeks of Air Force Basic Military Training in San Antonio.  He will be graduating March 16 then transferring to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS, for his technical training.  He will be there through mid-August.  After that will be his duty station, which is yet to be determined.  He gets to put in his requests at the end of Basic.  

Will is in 8th grade and still attending Denton Education Center, a charter school.  He has great teachers and is enjoying taking Engineering and participating in sports.  The small school makes it much easier to get involved!

At least you know I'm still alive and capable of writing!  I'll try to post more often!



Schweers' Mom said...

Good for you for updating! I like your new "face lift" too.

Dawn said...

I like your blog. Of course I s ee you on FB but I do lots with blogs too!